Disappointed by the standard and depth of gaming on MacOS/OSX? Just like playing old games and happen to have a Mac?  Despite the best efforts of the likes of Steam, MacGameStore, Aspyr and others the ability to natively play your favourite games from years gone by remains rather limited although improving. MacRetro is all about turning your Mac into a powerful retro gaming machine, and reliving some classic games in the process.

We will normally be using a 2013 MacBook Pro, a 2014 MacBook Air, or a 2015 27″ iMac. Don’t be surprised if we dive on to Linux occasionally though… we’ve just built a big quad core i7 Linux box, for fun, and own a silly amount of Raspberry Pis.

On our Emulators page we run through the software setup that we have installed on our machines to allow us to emulate games played on machines gone by.

In our Games Library we run through the games that we have covered on this site to date.  We’re pretty nascent and just finding our voice so bear with us.

Each of the consoles that we are emulating also have their own page setting out the games covered and available episodes – currently Atari 2600, DOS, Windows, and ZX Spectrum – with much more to come.

Have a favourite game that you would like us to try to get running or to cover in a video playthrough? Join in the conversation in the comments sections here or on Youtube, or jot us a line with the details using the form below.

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